Best Friends Forever Democrats And Republicans In Congress Have No Choice But To Shut The Fuck Up And Do Their Jobs For The First Time In A Really Long Time


And it’s about fucking time.  The days of getting paid your extra PLUSH and CUSHY salaries, the extra SWEET healthcare plans that you have given ONLY to yourselves and not to WE THE PEOPLE, and all the “CASH UNDER THE TABLE” and/or “WALL STREET INSIDER TRADING INFORMATION” side perks that you cowardly idiots have been able to enjoy for the longest of time as your means to your IGNORANT end to further MOVE yourself as far away from WE THE PEOPLE as you possibly can – THOSE DAYS are over.  On September 9th, you cowardly, selfish, do nothing FOOLS will have to reluctantly come back from your TROLLING 4 DOLLARS vacations and be forced to ACTUALLY do your job.  You will no longer be able to hide from WE THE PEOPLE like the TRUE cowards you have been for the past 20 or so years and you will be forced to VOTE on something that will either HELP OR HURT we the people.

 Your choices are – You will either VOTE to continue WAR PROFITEERING, I mean, NATION BUILDING in the Middle East and, ONCE AGAIN, put American DOLLARS & SOLDIERS in between two groups of people who hate each just as much they hate AMERICANS or you will put AMERICA & JOBS first for the first time in a VERY, VERY, VERY LONG TIME and let the people in the MIDDLE EAST continue killing each other – if that’s what they truly want to do.  And just so you know BFF democrats and republicans, your VOTE will be on RECORD.  The days of being OBNOXIOUS & truly SPINELESS chickens are OVER!  And just so you know on top of my previous “just so you know!”, your vote will have future CONSEQUENCES and you will pay DEARLY in your next election for the vote you make in your decision as to who you want to truly help – WE THE PEOPLE AND THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY or to continue helping people in the MIDDLE EAST like you have done since the NEW millennium began.  I understand your over-all plan of destroying the Middle East ONE LEADER at a time – I totally get THAT!  But what I have a PROBLEM with is that THESE MILITARY’S OPERATIONS are always on the THE PEOPLE’S dime  but YET, it’s only the greedy politicians and military that reap the trillions of dollars in profits that these military operations always seem to garner.  But yet, you have never given WE THE PEOPLE a slice  or  a TASTE (as the mafia would say)  of all these trillions – even worse, you charge us on the back-end with higher taxes on all of our freedoms.

 One last, final note I will give Best Friends Forever democrats & republicans in the DO NOTHING CONGRESS a little hint as to what THE BEST CHOICE is for this beautiful country and WE THE PEOPLE.  Please forgive me but I will need to flashback for a quick minute or so into our own past some 150 years ago to AMERICA’S own BLOODY civil war as to what course this country should follow from now until ETERNITY.  Here is an extremely important question that we have to ask and answer ourselves and this question and answer is so VERY simple – DID SYRIA OR ANY COUNTRY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST try to stop, pick sides, and/or attempt to intervene in AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR some 150 years ago?  The answer is a resounding and extra obvious “FUCK NO!”  So, let’s return the favor and let all countries in the MIDDLE EAST squash their OWN fucking problems like they LET US squash our own 150 years or so ago.  Maybe, OUR POLITICIANS might come up with a BRIGHT idea  or two and START fixing the problems THEY CREATED for their selfish personal & political purposes.  On September 9th, 2013, Congress has the opportunity to actually do their jobs and help WE THE PEOPLE for the VERY first time in a VERY long time OR we can let THE MONEY TROLLS from both parties in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do what they do best – keep destroying this country.  It’s your choice AMERICA!

 P.S. – When it comes to politics in AMERICA, I’m a pessimist so my money is on the fact that OUR BEST FRIENDS FOREVER DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS will fail us ONCE AGAIN and fabricate some US MILITARY bullshit that will happen AGAIN in the MIDDLE EAST on September 11, 2013 as the visual magic trick to con WE THE PEOPLE one more time.  Let’s not let them do THIS okay AMERICA because like I have said a MILLION TIMES before, “There are NO coincidences in the life of the ONLY SUPER POWER”.  Don’t believe the Kabuki Theater, I mean,  the HYPE!


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