Here’s One Thing I Know About Rand Paul

The voice that will never be president….

Ok, Ok! I apologize.  There are a few things I know about Rand “ the pipsqueak” Paul.  First and foremost, the PIPSQUEAK rand paul will NEVER be president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…that’s fact!  Do you hear me Rand? Shall I repeat myself? Yea! I think so!  And let make this a little more personal just so you fully understand what I am saying.  “Hey Rand “the pipsqueak” Paul! You will never be fucking PRESIDENT of this beautiful country due to your blinding ignorance, totally pure and shameless hypocrisy, and your PIPSQUEAK of a “GIMME, GIMMIE, GIMME!” completely annoying voice.  All I can say is if you were my child, I would slap you upside-down and backwards if you ever talked back to me in that little nasal, whiny voice of yours – I SWEAR TO GOD I would.

Here’s another thing I know…if you EVER try to start another fight/argument of any kind with Chris Christie, you will run for the hills like the coward you truly are just like you did in the argument with MR. BLUBBER, chris christie, last week.  You started IT and he ended IT – it’s really that simple.  Don’t get me wrong now!  I am no chris christie fan so there’s no point in trying to prove that you are some tough guy type of politician when you are nothing more than CREEPIER than your own father Ron Paul who NEVER dares to come up to the northeast.  And one last final thing that I know about Rand “the pipsqueak” Paul – and that is, if republican voters are ignorant enough to elect you to be GOP nominee for president in 2016, you will get landslided like no other in the history of this beautiful and once great country by Hillary Clinton and the GOP will go the way of the WHIG PARTY by no later than 2024.  So, please STOP trolling FOR dollars because it will ONLY make you look more ridiculous than you already are.


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