Before Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook But After Jason Holmes in Aurora I predicted….


That some cowardly, gun-loving, punk prick with all kinds of LEGAL GUNS & UNLIMITED CLIPS OF BULLETS would storm a metropolitan hospital in a very populated area somewhere in America wearing a bright, green, glow in the dark, bullet proof from head to toe, straight from the movie AVATAR looking costume and shoot dead approximately 100 or so just born babies laying in their cribs AND still nothing would be done about WE THE PEOPLES’ and this government’s LETHAL addiction to guns and violence!!!!!!! This is true and you can ask anyone who knows me, but THAT is not my point.  And yes! You have every right to think I have TOTALLY lost my mind.  But actually, when you take a closer look at any and/or all of my words, you will learn that my style of writing is completely allergic to the propaganda & conformity of what the masses deem proper writing which brings me back to my original point – which is to sincerely apologize for being only half correct in my prediction – that ABSOLUTELY nothing would be done to protect OUR CHILDREN from future massacres with LEGAL GUNS.  Even more depressing is the fact that if one day my prediction about A lunatic storming a hospital in Avatar looking, bright green-glow in the dark, bullet proof, glow costume strapped with all kinds of legal guns and unlimited bullets were to ever COME TRUE – WE THE PEOPLE and this government yet again will STILL do absolutely nothing.  And once again, I have to ask…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE…

This fact of life is what makes me MOST sad because I know more innocent children will continue to die in the future so that ignorant cowards can feel more macho, the NRA can keep raking in the TRILLIONS, and, finally and most importantly, the government can keep collecting the taxes on all gun sales while cutting future costs to the SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE programs.  There is no product in the history of this country that better divides and conquers WE THE PEOPLE more so than GUNS simply because they are created and manufactured by US corporations whose only concern is PROFITS in tandem with being constitutionally protected by the only SUPER POWER on the face of the earth. That’s a very deadly combination especially when you tie in the PROPAGANDA HUB otherwise known as HOLLYWOOD that constantly attempts to brainwash American consumers that the “CORRECT” manner to look “EXTRA COOL” is to be a tough guy WANNABE armed with cartoonish amounts of firearms & ammo.



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