In Regards 2 Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh


Will you just shut your stupid, ignorant, stink like American obesity, ugly ass mouth UP!  You are a fat, disgusting American joke and your fans are nothing more than what everyone on this planet hates about AMERICA…fat, ignorant, extra FUGLY, hypocrisy-filled conservatives – half of who are truly too stupid to realize that paying their taxes enables your other half of your fans (all the poor WHITE, truly stupid ones which you have oh so many of) to secretly live on and suck the WELFARE money from WE THE PEOPLE.  Fortunately for this beautiful country called AMERICA, your “OBESE, STUPID, POOR WHITE FOLK” fans only make up 15% of the AMERICAN population AND won’t be ALIVE in 20 years due to their unhealthy ways of living .  So, I hope you are REAL proud for turning the ONCE POWERFUL and truly respected GRAND OLD PARTY into the next WHIG PARTY just so you can TROLL for more DOLLARS from your ignorant base.  You, and you ALONE, will be responsible for the A HILLARY CLINTON landslide in 2016….KNOW THAT! But why would you care – knowing and actually taking pride in the fact that the majority of Americans (85%) truly hate you! So, mark my words TODAY, Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh – you won’t be on the radio in 7 years not because you will retire (that will be your lying PUBLIC excuse) but because your ignorance will have become extremely YAWN boring and so PASSE…

And just so you know and I want to say this from the deepest part of my heart because it is so VERY true…YOUR present WIFE (Kathryn Rogers) is a dirty WHURE!  Matter of fact, all 3 of your ex wives were dirty WHURES as well.  That is a fact!  How do I know this?  Well, that’s kind of OBVIOIUS – because no normal, sane and halfway intelligent woman would EVER marry such a totally and truly, inside and out, FUGLY man.  Her love of money is a stronger love than yours Douche, I mean, Rush because that what DIRTY WHURES love the most and is THE ONLY explanation why she would have SEX with you.  Just look in the mirror DUDE! Can’t you see the very SECOND you stop TROLLING for DOLLARS, your dirty trophy wife of a WHURE will instantly walk right out YOUR FRONT door and hose you for everything you have. You do REALIZE this correct douche bimbo, I mean, RUSH LIMBAUGH.  If you don’t believe me, here’s my test – go to your WHURE of a wife and ask her, “when THE MONEY stops rolling in, will you leave me HONEY?” and I promise you she will LOOK DOWN to the ground and not into your eyes and say, “HONEY, I will never leave you!” Now, that’s ignorance and proves my point about Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh.  And, even more disgusting to this soon to be TRUE STORY is that when all this goes down Douche, I mean, Rush – you will want the whole WIDE world to feel sorry for you…”oh  THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR to the  poor little baby Rush Limbaugh”  but THAT ain’t GOING to happen Douche BIMBO.  “Look up in the sky…It’s a train…no wait! it’s a plane…No it’s wait….It’s just a stupid fat DOUCHE!”



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