In The Land Of The Blind, The Two Eyed Man Is The Clown Puppet

First and foremost, there are no great presidents in the history of the United States…There have been a few great PUPPET presidents in our past but never has there been a GREAT PRESIDENT.  There may be a day in the future that we have a GREAT PRESIDENT but I sincerely doubt that will ever happen for a simple, obvious reason – there are no profits in being a GREAT PRESIDENT because that would entail actually trying to bring people together rather than separating WE THE PEOPLE – that’s where the TRUE profits kick in for a money addicted society that AMERICA has become.  So, if there has never been a GREAT PRESIDENT in this country and there has only been a few GREAT PUPPET presidents in this country – it goes without saying that the media is really not THE TRUE GREAT UNBIASED MEDIA they claim to be – which means the so called SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES in this country are NOT really that successful. Which leads me to my MAIN point. – that the GENIUS in our founding fathers was not the society that they created BUT the image of a SOCIETY that only THEY could experience as the AMERICAN dream.  And it was this false DREAM that has been passed down from one generation to another and then to another until we arrive at TODAY – a nation built on lies, hypocrisy and unrelenting greed or, in other words, what has become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE for practically 99% of We The People.

It’s an age old problem that can be traced back to our earliest so called GREAT civilizations – the common thread that connects WE THE PEOPLE of today with the peoples of our past and our future – in simple words, it’s the CORPORATIZATION of the military AND the militarization of the corporations that created the AMERICAN night terrors of today which will turn into THE global NIGHTMARE of TOMORROW…Shame on ALL Americans of today who sense there is something terrible wrong coming down the American pipe and still do nothing about it…SHAME on all Americans who believe in the DREAM but are really too DISHONEST to admit to themselves that it will be THEM who leaves their future generations with NOTHING.  Shame on all Americans who become too afraid to say something or speak out or behave differently from the conformity of ignorance prevailing this beautiful ONCE GREAT COUNTRY.  Shame on this now horrible country that will allow the deaths of billions globally in the near future only so the cancerous %1ers can profit even more.  SHAME ON AMERICA for the future deaths of billions of people in our very near future whether it be from war, disease, starvation, etc. WHICH has been planned perfectly so that these cancerous %1ers OF HORSE MANURE can profit like NEVER before AND then start the whole FORMULA over again…SHAME ON AMERICA for continuously rewarding the most VIOLENT from our pasts to be OUR ideal LEADERS in this UNGREAT COUNTRY…once WE THE PEOPLE wake up and realize that it was & is VIOLENCE that has made men & countries GREAT in our past, it goes without saying that it will be NON-VIOLENCE that takes this power away from men & countries who are not so GREAT today…that’s the beautiful IRONY of life. That today’s GREATNESS is based on complete UNTRUTHS and is why no country HAS EVER BEEN nor will ever BE great throughout time.  The true, ultimate PITY of this once great country is that WE THE PEOPLE know deep within our hearts that this country is NO LONGER great and yet we still do nothing to change this. Shame on AMERICA for continuously hoping & waiting for that someone who is GREAT to arrive but, deep, deep down within our soul, we know will never come because we are unable to stop PREACHING the ignorance & hypocrisy THAT we have become



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