I Am Friggin Done With All The Stupidness

That’s it! I am fucking done! My days of being an ignorant fucking American consumer (otherwise knowns as a DEMO MONKEY) are over once and for all. This story begins in NYC 1966…the day I was born…the day I was brought into this country of ignorance and profits…and by “DONE” I do not mean violence – that would show that I, too, am a PROUDFUL ignorant product of this UNGREAT society (and I am not and never will be). Violence is the BIGGEST business in the COUNTRY of prideful IGNORANCE.  It’s the blood and veins of a cowardly country that constantly proclaims FREEDOM but despises & distorts the TRUE concept of FREEDOM with joy.  It’s what this country TRULY loves and cannot survive without…It’s more than the HEART & SOUL of this country…IT’S THE ESSENCE.  And if HISTORY proves ONLY one thing to mankind…it proves that VIOLENCE as entertainment and as a source of unlimited source of profits to the STATE is the fastest & most direct means TO the end of that STATE.   When the citizens of a country take pride in being the #1 SHEEPLE in the world, everything no longer makes sense unless it is covered in BLOOD of innocent children.  So, let’s start at the very beginning because that seems like a very logical place to start.   Americans have become the most IGNORANT CONSUMERS on the face of this BEAUTIFUL planet & in history of TIME. Even more insulting and LETHAL to this beautiful planet is the fact that the majority of AMERICANS take pride in this IGNORANCE…and this is TRULY horrifying.  And to truly prove my point, I will bring up JESUS as my example…and it’s a very simple EXAMPLE and it is TRUE…if JESUS were alive today HE would die of multiple gunshot wounds…not on a WOODEN CROSS.

It’s like talking about BIG BROTHER (the government) but never mentioning LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers) who actually created the concept of BIG BROTHER (and the structure of big brother) as THE MEANS to a very BLOODY END in hopes of deflecting future violence upon THE TRUE liars of OUR COMMON history.  It will be in this country that THE MASSES will finally WAKE up to a very simple fact – that the writers of history have spent untold trillions of dollars and the deaths of billions in our COMMON HISTORY to write THEIR untrue VERSION of man’s history…The TRUE beauty of TRUTH is that NON VIOLENCE is and will always be what moves our HISTORY into OUR future – this has always been the case and will always be. Once we can admit as a people on this BEAUTIFUL planet called earth that Violence has always been used throughout history TO FORCE people to be untrue to their hearts and souls…mankind can never moved forward nor do we deserve to simply because OUR future must be earned from the GOODNESS of our beautiful HEARTS and SOULS. It’s our ONLY way to be able to cherish life’s MOST PRECIOUS moment – life’s EQUAL gift to ALL on earth – the PRESENT.  Until then, WE ARE ALL sinners to MOTHER NATURE, I mean, life……



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