For the Love of God America: PLEASE Stop Bending Over!!!

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I'm Ready to Die For a Corrupt Politician

I’m Ready to Die For a Corrupt Politician

Three reasons confirming why Americans don’t live in a democracy:

  1. Fracking continues unabated in Texas while countless people complain of headaches, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms due to chemicals released into the air by the process.  But the drilling goes on without even an investigation by Texas’ version of the EPA, which only has five air pollution sensors scattered across a shale play area twice the size of Massachusetts.  Why is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality so reluctant to look into this problem?  Maybe because the Texas legislature is packed with powerful members who own stock in the same energy companies fracking Texas into oblivion.  In other words, these “lawmakers” are making cash money from making the people they are sworn to protect, SICK!  Their excuse for inaction?  According to the energy companies involved, there’s no scientific evidence connecting the illnesses…

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The New World Order And The Declaration Of Their Independence


“We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created UNEQUALLY, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are DEATH, SLAVERY and the PURSUIT of DESTROYING planet EARTH. That to secure these RIGHTS, MEN are instituted among GOVERNMENTS, deriving their UNJUST powers from the consent of the %1er. That whenever any FORM of DISSENT from THE PEOPLE becomes DESTRUCTIVE of these ENDS, it is the RIGHT of the %1er to ALTER or ABOLISH it, and to INSTITUTE a new group of SLAVES/CITIZENS, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to guarantee their (the %1ers) their PROFTIS, SAFETY, and HAPPINESS.”

WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYEZ america!!! Phase One of Wall Street’s invisible COUP D’ETAT of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has ALMOST been accomplished without a single drop of bloodshed….All that was required was to DOLE out many, many, many and many more SUITCASES full of INSIDER TRADING information/advice and guaranteed RE-ELECTION victories to our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat POLITICIANS. As we all already know, bill “INTERNET BUBBLE” clinton got the ball rolling when he REPEALED the GLASS STEAGALL act in 1999. This was followed by WAR CRIMINAL george “LET’S BANKRUPT AMERICA” bush jr. by starting 2 bogus WARS of CHOICE for PERSONAL GREED so that THE PATRIOT ACT could be passed…which brings us to president Barack “I’ll Approve The Keystone And Will Not Close Guantanamo Bay” Obama – the perfect SYMBOL to trick THE PEOPLE into BAILING OUT the SCUM of wall street so that CITIZENS UNITED could be SNEAKED in thru the BACK-DOOR in 2010. And finally, the future ELECTION VICTORY of the first FEMALE president HILLARY CLINTON in 2016 will be the finishing TOUCH to phase ONE of this BLOODLESS coup from THE cold, scummy HANDS of WALL STREET.

The %1ERS have PROVEN, once and for all, that there is AN IMMENSE profit in HISTORY repeating ITSELF. This is PHASE two of the NEW WORLD ORDER with a NEW wrinkle….The New World Order will first use oil & pollution to choke the planet a very slow & painful DEATH as they allow the HUMAN POPULATION to explode in the name of MORE PERSONAL PROFITS thru their MONOPOLIES/CORPORATIONS. As the planet’s resources become more and more scarce, I mean, in DEMAND, the %1ERS already IMMENSE wealth will expand exponentially a BILLION fold…And when the HUMAN POPULATION becomes TOO large as to make these GREEDY & IMMORAL a-holes nervous…it will be EXACTLY at this moment that TRICKS of old (disease and war) will be UNLEASHED upon the PEOPLE…as well as the NEW and ULTIMATELY most dangerous WEAPON of all TIME…the RISING sea levels and ever increasingly POWERFUL storms and inclement weather brought about by CLIMATE CHANGE from the DIRTY & POLLUTED hands of THE OIL INDUSTRY. Phase Three…SOCIALISM for the %1, COMMUNISM for THE REST.

Let’s take some of their PROFITS away by SPEAKING up, ORGANIZING and CONSUMING less america! We are 5% of the WORLD’S population who consumes and wastes 30% of the world’s RESOURCES. We have become FROZEN in time (to the detriment of the MAJORITY and the prosperity of the VERY few) but I have confidence that our MOMENT OF CLARITY is close at hand because it will be the BEAUTY within our GENERATIONS, not in our NATIONS and never in our CORPORATIONS that will be OUR only SALVATION. The ETERNAL optimist in me says, “LET’S MAKE LIFE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN and then let’s DIE!”… Let’s do this not for ourselves BUT for our beautiful children, grand children and great grand children.


Perhaps We Should Have Standing Ovations Rather Than Moments Of Silence After Mass Shootings In America?

What I’m about to say may seem EXTREMELY callous to some out there…so then, I will ask, “but is it anymore more callous than when AMERICANS males with mental issues decide to slaughter innocent AMERICAN during mass shootings with their LEGAL firearms?” I don’t think so.

So here goes….Can we all, as cowardly AMERICANS, please STOP having MOMENTS OF SILENCE for the INNOCENT Americans who have been SLAUGHTERED by TRULY selfish and mentally ill AMERICAN males during MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA!!!!! Do you want to KNOW why I think THIS way? Here’s why….because MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA insult the VERY intelligence of EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN alive TODAY…Do you want to know WHY this is? Very simple…Because, as AMERICANS, we all KNOW nothing WHATSOEVER will be DONE by our so-called GREAT government in order to prevent these truly TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE tragedies from HAPPENING again…Matter of fact, we, as AMERICANS, all know MASS SHOOTINGS by cowardly, selfish, mentally ILL american MALES has now practically become an every day part of our lives – which defeats of the WHOLE PURPOSE of having a MOMENTS OF SILENCE.

Let’s take what happened in FORT HOOD, texas this past week as the perfect EXAMPLE. In the past 5 years there have been 2 MASS SHOOTINGS (not ONE but TWO) where innocent, brave american SOLDIERS have been slaughtered…not by enemy soldiers in a foreign country…but by TRULY cowardly, selfish and mentally ILL american MALES. Two moments of silence in the past 5 years at FORT HOOD, texas means there will be ANOTHER mass shooting there in our very near future – that I know and promise. Does this mean that there will be another SANDY HOOK in our NEAR FUTURE? I most certainly HOPE not but, unfortunately, my ANSWER is YES – there will be another SANDY HOOK in our very near future – and still NOTHING will be done other than GUN-SALES across america will SKY-ROCKET

Perhaps having STANDING OVATIONS instead of MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTIGNS using LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA will WAKE us all UP enough to realize that THIS STUPID SHIT has to come to an END once and for and with a real QUICKNESS. I mean, it worked for the ROMAN EMPIRE during the age of the GLADIATOR. Looking back at a little history, one will see that the GLADIATORIAL GAMES reached their PEAK in ROME during the 1st century B.C. (before CHRIST) thru the 2nd century A.D. (after CHRIST). However, in the year 380 A.D. (after CHRIST), when CHRISTIANITY was adopted as the STATE CHURCH of the ROMAN EMPIRE, the GLADIATORIAL GAMES rapidly waned in POPULARITY and then finally came to an end in the 5th century A.D. (after CHRIST).

America DOES NOT have a GUN PROBLEM – america has an AMERICAN MALE GUN problem. It’s really that simple! And, once we admit to this little fact, blue SKIES lay ahead because “recognition is half the battle” as they say. So, let’s have STANDING OVATIONS after MASS SHOOTINGS in AMERICA. This way we can APPLAUD the cowardice of a small percentage of mentally ill AMERICAN MALES packing LEGAL FIREARMS bent on slaughtering INNOCENT Americans for whatever selfish reasons they deem fit at any particular moment. Let us ALSO applaud the COWARDICE of our NOT-SO-GREAT government for doing absolutely nothing to try to STOP this type of LIFE-SUCKING sheer INSANITY.

Perhaps this will be the IMPETUS that is required to finally make us REALIZE that AMERICA has become ONE HUGE roman AMPHITHEATER filled with SLAVES, I mean, AMERICAN CITIZENS who have very little CHANCE of surviving AGAINST government sponsored and subsidized GUN-VIOLENCE lobbied THRU and BY the GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA in order to gain our freedom FROM the tyranny of a small percentage of cowardly, selfish mentally-ill american MALES legally packing LEATHAL FIREARMS. In short, until we try SOMETHING different…our AMERICAN MALE GUN PROBLEM  will ONLY get worse NOT better.


This planet is ONE man-made DISASTER away from the NEW WORLD ORDER which means THE 2ND COMING will most DEFINITELY be AMERICAN-MADE. Be READY folks because within the NEXT 20 years…BILLIONS of PEOPLE will DIE the most horrible death imaginable so that the remaining SURVIVORS will be so TERRIFIED that they will have no choice but to ACCEPT the NEW WORLD ORDER. And, as BUGS BUNNY always USED to SAY,

Enjoy Your Dinner 50 Years From Now Stupid Effin Humans

If you claim that you truly love babies and children, then MOST definitely STOP having them because this will be their future dinner and it WILL NOT be very delicious nor HEALTHY. Every single HUMAN BEING alive TODAY will be FOUND guilty for DESTROYING this ONCE truly BEAUTIFUL planet. Whether you personally POLLUTE or not is not my concern…what is my concern is the truly IGNORANT silence and the SHEER LIES that we continuously spew from our POLLUTED mouths. I mean, it’s rather obvious that HUMANS truly hate this universe…so instead of ignorantly polluting our OCEANS (a source of IMPORTANT and HEALTHY food for stupid EFFIN humans) why DON’T we ship all of our GARBAGE up into SPACE….it’s just an idea that might save the lives of ALL OR OUR FUTURE CHILDREN..Until then, let’s try to be HONEST for the first time in our HUMAN lying LIVES and HISTORY and try to admit to the fact that we are all COMPLICIT in this horrible soon to come tragedy. STOP effin POLLUTING stupid HUMANS because all the governments in the WORLD will NOT. Hold your GOVERNMENT accountable for the GENOCIDE of our future babies and children from the cold HUMAN HANDS of starvation and polluted FOODS…Until then, WE ARE ALL LIARS and should just ADMIT that we TRULY despise babies, children and their FUTURES.

And…oh YEAH!!! I almost forgot…it’s going to be practically impossible to find MALAYSIA FLIGHT mh370 flight in those OCEANS that have hundreds of tons of pollution in it….

Tornadoes In Oklahoma Will Once Again Prove It Is Always The Beautiful And Innocent Children Who Will Suffer The Most From The Ignorance And Hypocrisy Of Their Parents


BREAKING NEWS everyone! More beautiful and innocent children will die this year and/or in our very near future in red-state OKLAHOMA due to DEADLY TORNADOES. This is a RED-STATE that has done absolutely NOTHING to protect its children from devastating TORNADOES other than to suck more money from the UNITED STATES taxpayers in their ignorant and futile attempt to have the rest of AMERICA feel sorry for their self-induced plight of IGNORANCE.

Let’s take a REAL QUICK look at, let’s say, just the last 16 years in OKLAHOMA and how the poor, little, innocent little children have suffered through NO fault of their OWN.

#1. The year 1999 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and surrounding areas…Total Cost 1.4 BILLION dollars in FEDERAL EMERGENGY AID

#2. The year 2011 – Joplin, Oklahoma and surrounding areas…Total Cost 3 BILLION dollars

#3. The year 2013 – Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas…Total Cost 2 BILLION dollars

Ok….let me take my calculator out and do some quick, simple MATH….Ok, I’m back! So, six and a half BILLION dollars in FEDERAL EMERGENCY AID has been given to OKLAHOMA paid for by the U.S. tax PAYER…and still, MANY, MANY, MANY AND MANY MORE of its schools are STILL not sufficiently TORNADO SAFE (let alone THEIR HOMES). Ironically, HOWEVER, every single SCHOOL for the WEALTHY, as well as THEIR HOMES and CORPORATIONS, are more than SUFFICIENTLY tornado proof, ONCE AGAIN, paid for by WE THE PEOPLE…Hmmm, go figure!!

Allow me to offer some VERY obvious advice to the RESIDENTS of red-state OKLAHOMA…YOUR GUNS and YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS will NOT protect you, your homes, your school, nor your CHILDREN from devastating TORNADOES no matter how big or how many guns or bullets you have!

Here’s a better idea OKLAHOMA and, IRONICALLY, this VERY simple idea will SAVE the LIVES of ALL your children from a MOST HORRIBLE death at the HANDS OF DEVASTATING TORNADOES. Stop giving TAX BREAKS to the UBER wealthy and the CORPORATIONS they OWN because THESE CANCEROUS FOOLS are THE VERY FIRST PEOPLE on the line to suck every penny of FEDERAL EMERGENCY AID in order to protect THEIR SCHOOLS, HOMES, AND BUSINESS from the DESTRUCTION of TORNADOES.

There is a very old saying spoken from the MOUTH of ALBERT EINSTEIN who once said, “INSANITY is doing THE SAME thing over and over again expecting different RESULTS!” Heed Albert Einstein’s WORDS very carefully Oklahoma because you have become a bunch of CRAZY MOTHERFUCKERS.

Vote the REPUBLICANS out of OFFICE Oklahoma simply because IF YOU DO NOT…everything will just CONTINUE to get worse for you. But, more importantly, it will prove my point about BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats – they are one and the same party OWNED by CORRUPT and TREASONOUS CORPORATIONS who take turns WEARING the bad guy HAT when it comes TO RAPING we the people where IT HURTS THE MOST…our WALLETS.

Vote the REPUBLICANS out of office in 2014 OKLAHOMA…this way you will SEE and LEARN that THE DEMOCRATS are just as FULL OF STANK SHIT and no BETTER than the REPUBLICANS. Just because THE DEMOCRATS are able TO LIE slightly better than THE REPUBLICANS does not MAKE them ANGELS…matter of fact, LIES FROM THE MOUTH OF DEMOCRATS are EQUALLY as CANCEROUS as the REPUBLICAN hatred of WE THE PEOPLE simply BECAUSE it sucks all hope from the face of this once great COUNTRY.

Long story short AMERICA…when EVERYTHING stays the same, things ONLY get WORSE for the MAJORITY…We, as citizens of the ONCE great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are truly in a LOSE-LOSE situation. Both political PARTIES continue to rape the MIDDLE CLASS and THE POOR so that they can cater ONLY to the WEALTHY. It’s a PROVEN formula that has ONLY widened the gap BETWEEN the HAVE-NOTHINGS and the HAVE-EVEYRTHINGS.

A third political PARTY must be born in AMERICA very soon (NOT only to save this country but ALSO to save the ENTIRE PLANET) in order to remove the DEADLY CANCERS otherwise known as the REPUBLICAN and the DEMOCRATIC parties. The only way THIS can and will HAPPEN is if WE starve THE BEAST. How do we STARVE the BEAST? Purposefully CONSUME less AMERICA…and let YOUR ANGER be known to BOTH political PARTIES. Regardless of how little or how much MONEY you have citizens of AMERICA, my advice is to SAVE IT at all costs.

IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT THEN DO NOT BUY IT! The %1ers and WASHINGTON (both political parties) are NOT only sucking the very life out of this country, but also, this entire PLANET all in the name of MONEY (not for patriotism nor greatness). If history has proven ONE THING…it has proven that LIFE changes – if there is NO change, there is NO life. Get ANGRY by CONSUMING less and letting WASHINGTON know the IGNORANT games are OVER…if NOT for yourselves then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with all the SUGAR in the world on TOP, do this for the beautiful and innocent CHILDREN of this world – they have done ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong other than being PLACED in a WORLD full of the same GREED, IGNORANCE, and HYPOCRISY that has been passed down from GENERATION to GENERATION since the day JESUS CHRIST died for us ALL.


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The Most Dangerous Branch

The Most Dangerous Branch

I don’t even know where to begin with yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling.  The first thing that comes to mind is how conservative Justices have now blatantly interfered with three extremely important national elections in the last fifteen years with their ideological insanity.

Bush V. Gore, which legal scholars – both conservative and liberal, still haven’t been able to derive any coherent logic from, took legal language and precedent and twisted it into a yoga pretzel, so that the right wing Justices’ favorite (Bush) could steal the election and pave the way for a descent into hell for our country.

Then there’s Citizens United, where Chief Justice Roberts, who promised not to be a judicial activist, OVERTURNED CONGRESSIONAL LAW (totally activist!) by equating corporations with people, and ushering in a landslide of corrupt corporate cash into our already poisoned electoral system.  The Citizen’s United ruling came out…

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Good Morning Vietnam – Again

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Paper Tigers Go "Meow"

The Scariest Paper Tiger of them All . . .

More bombs were dropped in Vietnam by U.S. forces than all the bombs dropped in WWII by all the Allied forces COMBINED.  But that wasn’t the only reason Vietnam wasn’t popular here at home.  The real reason, despite the horror of the previous statistic, is because Vietnam was the first war that went down with televisions in almost every household, which meant that when things went sour, like the Tet Offensive, disturbing images could be broadcast into American living rooms that made citizens question the war.

There were other reasons for questioning that war besides coverage revealing we weren’t in total control, or the millions of tons of bombs we dropped on that tiny country.  A lot of innocent people got killed in military operations designed to weed out an insurgent enemy force – the Viet Cong — quite capable…

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It Is Time For America To Admit That It Has A Male Gun Problem


Let’s NEVER forget that GUNS do NOT kill – PEOPLE kill! If I have said this once, I have said this a QUAD-TRILLION times….America does NOT have a GUN problem; it has a MALE GUN problem….I mean, at some point in AMERICA’S lying history, we are just going to have to accept the FACT that 99% of gun violence comes from the cowardly HANDS of PUNK males packing legal/illegal firearms. America’s FOUNDING FATHERS were honest enough to admit this truth about GUNS…that they are for punks and cowards who are afraid of other cowards and punks with guns! And for this reason and absolute truth ALONE…the 2ND AMENDMENT was created and placed in our CONSTITUTION.

So, when I hear the lying, SACK OF SHIT, cowardly punk wayne lapierre say, “the only thing that stops a BAD GUY with a GUN is a GOOD GUY with a GUN!” – I start laughing hysterically…because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN – this is what you can term a true OXYMORON. Perhaps the only thing that stops A BAD GUY WITH A GUN is A GOOD WOMAN with a GUN. I mean, there’s a REASON why you can NEVER find A GOOD GUY with A GUN when you really need HIM – there’s no such THING! Do you want to know why? It’s a very simple ANSWER – GUNS turn MEN into selfish PUNKS and COWARDS…and proves that AMERICA does NOT have a GUN problem…. it has a PUNK MALE GUN PROBLEM.

In short, we as AMERICANS should just admit to this simple fact….cowardly PUNK males with LEGAL/ILLEGAL firearms mass-murdering other INNOCENT Americans for whatever selfish and cowardly reason has become our DE-FACTO way of has BECOME the american WAY…be PROUD america cause I’m not.

The 2nd Coming Of Christ Will Most Definitely Be Incoporated


When I was a young chap, I used to think that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL….but now… I know for certain that government is the ROOT of all EVIL – simply because it’s THE GOVERNMENT that prints all of the money. Fifty years from now when AMERICA is no longer GREAT, historians will look back and see that CITIZENS UNITED (in 2010), and now, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 (in 2014)  will be known as the major reasons for AMERICA’s rapid decline. Our truly corrupt and treasonous SUPREME COURT (in a 5-4 decision), once again, says it’s totally fucking cool for EVEN more money to be allowed to further pollute our democracy.

The conspiracy THEORIST in me wants to say that “the recent 24/7 NON-STOP media blitz for the past 3 weeks about the missing MALAYSIA FLIGHT MH 370 served its SINISTER and primary purpose of distracting the masses long enough while the SUPREME COURT secretly passed the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 under the table in exchange for many SUITFULS of cash…but I won’t say that!

Today was a very, very BAD day AMERICA (thanks to our treasonous SUPREME COURT). More money in politics means a MUCH WEAKER vote for all in all future elections – and, one day in our near future, the people’s vote will no longer count. Governments and corporations NEVER make a country GREAT…ONLY people make a COUNTRY, or a government, or a corporation GREAT. We live in an UPSIDE-DOWN, BACKWARDS & FORWARD world where greed is RICHLY rewarded and the truth always COSTS – where waste is profitable and honesty always compromised. Or as I like to put it, “WE live in a TRULY FUCKED up world and has EVERYONE lost THEIR fucking MINDS!!!”

Which brings us to my MAIN point. I used to think if Jesus were alive in America TODAY, he would die of multiple GUNSHOT wounds shot from the hands of an AMERICAN coward holding a LEGAL FIREARM who would THEN claim “STAND YOUR GROUND” solely because he didn’t agree with the MESSAGE of JESUS…I still think this now just so you know…but I would also like to add that JESUS should consider incorporating himself before coming back for the 2ND TIME because this will be the only way to get his MESSAGE out to the people. So, once again, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our truly corrupt and treasonous U.S. SUPREME COURT JUDGES for selling AMERICA out to the highest bidder ONCE AGAIN….awesome JOB dudes!